My father’s house

My father’s house is a place of chill,

where moments become eternity,

and when I read for a moment or two

suddenly my world opens,

my life’s turning stops,

and I freely fall through the center

of my being here, here where nothing

is that cannot be, where everything

is at once all that I should be, here,

and I suddenly for the first time see

that all I needed was nothing,

nothing at all.

Until I came to face myself

and saw nothing, nothing at all,

then everything was there, everything,


It was my old, bitter, and always cold

reasoning , those thoughts of mine so perfect

as long as they never entered the world

of my private arena, where I faced my public lions.

Well, we learn, ever so slowly,

and hope that our time left

is enough that we avoid self-destruction,

which is always our worst public failure,

and fatal admission of weakness

in the world we insisted on making ours,

so perfectly ours, that our lambs

finally and fatally lay down with our lions.

09 January 2015

Esquimalt, BC


About josephbc69

At 75, I'm active in my design/build residential improvement business. I sometimes write articles/essays for Internet publication and paper pubs, as well as poetry, which is where I'm most recognised. Google or cluuz 'joseph e fasciani' to get some idea of what I'm about, but HEY! God's not done w/me yet! At present I live in Esquimalt, 'the meeting places of whales' according to native tradition, near Victoria, BC, in a pleasant neighbourhood which is good for my business logistics. The greatest influence in my life was my pacifist anarchist father, who found God late in life. If you need a tag for me, "libertarian anarchist christian pacifist" will work, BUT: after I've turned the 2nd cheek, aye, there's the rub and quandary! I like meeting new people, especially if they share my interests, which are history, politics, philosophy, poetry, creative writing of all kinds, cooking good food, and the eating of it, along w/a good wine or two!
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3 Responses to My father’s house

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  2. josephbc69 says:

    Many thanks for your endorsement, as that’s how writers learn how they interact with readers. “Hew to the line and let the chips fall where they may “

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