What are important but uncomfortable truths that many people learn when transitioning into adulthood?

Answer by Anonymous:

1) All that talk about integrity is a sham. Folks that get ahead do so by ruthlessly and shamelessly lying, cheating, and stealing to get ahead and stepping on the bodies of the innocent and naive. If you aren't willing to play this game, be prepared to report in to a boss like this or else be a small business owner for the rest of your life.
2) Bosses play favorites. Work hard to be the favored one. Do things for your boss, including the dirty work that no one wants to touch. Suck it up. Be mature and put yourself in their shoes. Use your strengths to bolster their weaknesses and you will become indispensable.
3) Who your boss is will become more and more important to your success in your later career than how well you really do. (Your mistakes will be more easily "forgiven" if you have a boss that is on your side. If you're weak in numbers, a boss who favors you will still promote you and hire number crunchers to report into you.)
4) Following all the rules will land you in middle management forever. (And then you'll get laid off for being too expensive.)
5) You may need to bide your time (sometimes years) for revenge.
6)  The ability to change your mind, your loyalties and even morals at a moment's notice is important. The slow or stubborn ones lose out and may even lose their jobs as a result.
7) Beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, what school teaches you is generally pretty useless. Get out and work in the real world as early and as much as you can. Learn to break the rules and get things done.
8) There will always be someone who knows more than you.
9) Your mom was right when she reminded you to be humble and to mind your table manners.
10) When you have to choose between being smart or being polite, err on the side of being polite.
11) There are more ways to make the big money than by going through start-ups or the corporate world. Experienced tradesman are getting harder to come by. Try general contracting, lawn-mowing, snow-plowing, being an electrician, etc.
12) Whether you make it or not to the top often times comes down to spotting and then grabbing the right opportunities as soon as you see them. Know how to spot them. Then run, don't walk, to be the first to reach for the brass ring!
13) Conversely, know when to cut your losses short. (Have the same mindset as a winning gambler when you approach life: whether to double-down on a win opportunity/cut short losses will often make the difference between those at the top and those who stay in the middle.)

What are important but uncomfortable truths that many people learn when transitioning into adulthood?


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