What we learn to see

What we learn to see

Do you see how slowly, how very carefully
this whole immensity has been fashioned? Nothing
has been discarded, all have been included, none forgotten
or despised, raised up or lowered to be one above or below another.
We were given eyes to see with, to see it all entire.
Although double-eyed, our great blessing is sight fused
to a single outlook and perception of depth, for discernment.
And what have we seen fit to see? What visions are taught us?
As for me, I still keep and prize what was revealed to me
in my eighteenth year: three times the Ruler of the universe
tore away the delusion I’d lived as daily life,
all that I had known and thought was world.
Then I was shown there is but One
existence and being. What we see as many is only the wrinkling
in the fabric, the play of light and dark over the seamless making
of God’s cloth, a weaving without beginning, without end.
Light was radiant over all: words ceased, for none were needed.
To be was to know; all was of a piece.  God, star, rock, man,
bird, blood, everything revealed the only Existence that Is.
I was, true, but there was no me, and no time to keep,
for all is kept within eternity. Timeless infinite peace, yet
peaceful without rest. This is no mystery when you know it.
Change is constant, but essence is center: radiant
exultation of Being, an ever-continuous Creation!
Three times this gift was given me for all my days.
It has not returned to overwhelm me since,
but I wait upon it.
Until then, what I have carries me along:
to know what life is, and what it isn’t,
instructs me to know the way and to walk in it;
when to turn to the left, or to the right,
and when to turn away.
5 July 1991, Tacoma, Washington
slight edits 15 March 2018, Victoria, BC

About josephbc69

At 75, I'm active in my design/build residential improvement business. I sometimes write articles/essays for Internet publication and paper pubs, as well as poetry, which is where I'm most recognised. Google or cluuz 'joseph e fasciani' to get some idea of what I'm about, but HEY! God's not done w/me yet! At present I live in Esquimalt, 'the meeting places of whales' according to native tradition, near Victoria, BC, in a pleasant neighbourhood which is good for my business logistics. The greatest influence in my life was my pacifist anarchist father, who found God late in life. If you need a tag for me, "libertarian anarchist christian pacifist" will work, BUT: after I've turned the 2nd cheek, aye, there's the rub and quandary! I like meeting new people, especially if they share my interests, which are history, politics, philosophy, poetry, creative writing of all kinds, cooking good food, and the eating of it, along w/a good wine or two!
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8 Responses to What we learn to see

  1. lowtechgrannie says:

    Hi Joseph!

    I see you’ve spent time in Washington State and British Columbia. The photo on your banner is a work of art and the poem is lovely!

    • josephbc69 says:


      I’m still such a bush bunny that I just now saw how to operate this “reply to comment” on the blog site, or whatever it is or called.
      However low tech you may see yourself, I’m sure I’m way behind you, as I only got my first computer in Christmas, 2003, as a gift from Lela, my oldest child and daughter. Of course, it was her old one, replaced by the new one she got for her Christmas. Kids, don’t you know….
      I can’t take credit for the photo, as it was supplied for my site, and since I set the site into electronic existence, I’ve neglected it, as the daily rush and crush, you know.
      The poem is one of my many and, as are most of them, is grounded in personal experience and my religious view of our reality. I have another one, “a child went forth”, which is about the Crucifixion, which I’m going to send to Eowyn, after reading her Easter writings.

      All best,
      Joseph, 68
      Victoria, BC

  2. Wendy says:

    I SO enjoyed your beautiful poem. I like your site as well. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

    • josephbc69 says:

      Good morning, Wendy!

      Many thanks for yr kind appreciation of this poem; if you wish I can send you others. I sent one to Eo which is very special: it depicts the Crucifixion as seen in overview of Mary’s being there.

  3. Trail Dust says:

    Nice poem josephbc69,
    Rich, well paced, mystical.

  4. Mrs. AL says:

    Read your post at ‘Nox and Friends relative to upcoming surgery. Will be in prayer for you and the surgical team. Take care.

  5. sunaJAeon says:

    Very powerful, much to understand, and not all at one sitting

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