What we learn to see

What we learn to see

Do you see how slowly, how very carefully
this whole immensity has been fashioned? Nothing
has been discarded, all have been included, none forgotten
or despised, raised up or lowered to be one above or below another.

We were given eyes to see with, to see it all entire.
Although double-eyed, our great blessing is sight fused
to a single outlook and perception of depth, for discernment.
And what have we seen fit to see? What visions are taught to us?

As for me, I still keep and prize what was revealed to me
in my eighteenth year: three times the Ruler of the universe
tore away the delusion I’d lived as daily life, all that I had
known and thought was world.
Then I was shown there is but One
existence and being. What we see as many is only the wrinkling
in the fabric, the play of light and dark over the seamless making
of God’s cloth, a weaving without beginning, without end.

Light was radiant over all: words ceased, for none were needed.
To be was to know; all was of a piece.  God, star, rock, man,
bird, blood, everything revealed the only Existence that Is.

I was, true, but there was no me, and no time to keep,
for all is kept within eternity. Timeless infinite peace, yet
peaceful without rest. This is no mystery when you know it.
Change is constant, but essence is centre: radiant
exultation of Being, an ever-continuous Creation!

Three times this gift was given me for all my days.
It has not returned to overwhelm me since,
but I wait upon it.

Until then what I have carries me along
and sustains me: to know what life is, and what it isn’t;
instructs me to know the way and to walk in it; when to turn
to the left, or to the right, and when to turn away.

5 July 1991, slight edits 01 November 2008
Tacoma, Washington and Victoria, BC

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